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  1. back pain during the second trimester?
    Has anyone experienced this? I am 21 weeks with my 1st, my belly isn’t even all that big yet but yet at night I get the worst lower back pain. During the day its not so bad. I’ve tried body pillows, heating pads and tylenol, none of which seems to help very much. I do have a UTI right now and am being treating with antibiotics, I don’t have a fever and the pain isn’t constant so somehow I don’t think its a kidney infection.

    • Grab and extra pillow or two and sleep solely on your back, not side or belly. Get your hubby or significant other to rub the sore areas too, to try and ‘work’ it out. It may not go away until your little one is born, so do the best you can, but certainly don’t take any medicine for it!

  2. What could cause total body achiness in the morning?
    I am currently 15 weeks pregnant, and I wake up and my whole body aches…. A hot shower helps somewhat, and it wears off as the morning gets going… It doesn’t matter what bed I’m in or who is sleeping next to me… weather it’s my 5 yo son, or my bf….and his bed or mine, I still ache. Does anyone know of something that can ease the pain? I already sleep with a boppy body pillow in one bed, and several pillows in the other. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Your ligaments are stretching and your joints are getting looser to make room for the baby to grow. Make sure your shower isn’t too hot, but a warm shower and/or bath works, as well as a heating pad (don’t use for a LONG period of time) may help. It may also help to move around at night, if you have the pillows so you can’t move, try adjusting them. Good luck!

  3. How to get rid of morning back pain?
    Ok so almost 3 yrs ago I fell about 5 ft onto the side of one of those hard plastic kids pools. It took my breath away & hurt for just a couple days then gone. Maybe a few weeks to a month later I noticed tremendous pain in the bottom right side of my back. So bad that it would take me an hour to move inch by inch to get out of bed. It was intense pain that locked me in the position I woke up in. I had this for month & then finally went to the chiropractor where I found I had a problem with a disc (forget what he called it) & that my spine needed realigned. I went through treatment 3x a week for almost 2 months then stopped bc of insurance problems. Two years later I still have the morning pain that comes every 2 or 3 months & last a month or so. I hate it so much and feel 90 when im only 25. I dont insurance at the moment so I NEED ADVICE ON WHAT I CAN DO TO HELP WITH THE PAIN….over the counter meds or sleep positions or specific body pillow???

  4. Okay i am 21 weeks pregnant and i keep getting stitches in my belly does anybody know why?
    I also have SPD sypmhis pubis dysfunction really bad pain in my pelvis hips area. I am waiting for a physiotheriapist appointment it bloody hurts. I have another 19 weeks of this pain i have a support belt, i have a body pillow, i am doing things as i should just wondering why am i getting stitches/cramps in my belly this has happend every day for the past week now

    • It could be your muscles stretching as well as the growing baby causing you the stitch pain like feeling. If you are really concerned see a doctor who may be able to ease your worries. Through my own experience though pregnancy creates loads of aches and pains from around 20+ weeks.

      Watch out for the braxton hicks because they can be quite painfull at times too.

      Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x x x

  5. Tips on getting comfy in bed and sleepy?
    I’m 14 wks pregnant. No big belly or anything but I can’t manage to get comfy and the round ligament pains when Im rolling around arent helping. Tips on sleeping comfy and tips to help me get sleepy. I have a body pillow and dont care for it much. Thanks for your answers!

    • Get a prenatal massage!! When you do get an evening appointment so you can go home and relax before bed. It’ll help relax your muscles. It’s great!!

  6. What is the best pillow to buy?
    I have a horrible neck that always gives me trouble (whip-lash injury) and it seems I have tried everything. I hate the memory foam pillows for I wake up in the morning worse than I was the night before. Stacking pillows doesn’t work, body pillows, down, etc….I am frustrated and need help!

    • Tempurpedic made a special pillow made for people with neck pain and it is UNbelievable! It is a tad expensive but I feel it is worth it for the quality of sleep you get! I had similar problems and I got one of those pillows for Christmas… my whole world of sleeping has changed! I feel completely refreshed in the morning!

  7. what can i do for stiff hands and fingers?
    I can’t seem to get my hands working in the mornings. I cant even grab my pillow without pain. My middle finger knuckle sticks and the rest of my fingers are in severe pain. It takes a very long time for me to have mobility. I have noticed that my body hurts all over at times.
    I am not sure what to do.

    • Have you been tested for rheumatoid arthritis, or other rheumatic conditions?

      I ask because I have RA, and know that morning pain with stiffness lasting for more than one hour is generally indicative of rheumatoid arthritis and/or other rheumatic conditions. You really should schedule an appointment with your family doctor. Explain your symptoms and ask for a referral to a rheumatologist.

      As for the stiff hands… I take 600 mgs of ibuprofen and 1000 mgs of extra-strength Tylenol upon wakening, but I wouldn’t advise this unless your doctor gives you the okay. It’s not good to mix the two. You could get away with either or safely, so long as you follow label directions carefully and don’t exceed the recommended dosage. My rheumy prescribes the above-mentioned dosage or I’d probably take a lot less.

      Soaking your hands in water as hot as you can stand it will help to relieve some of the stiffness, and a hot shower will help to reduce the all-over pain. I also find that wrapping my hands around a hot cup of coffee helps somewhat, so that’s become morning routine. You might also want to wear a pair of gloves in the mornings until the stiffness lessens. Anything to increase warmth and circulation will move things along more quickly.

      Please take my advice and speak with your doctor about these symptoms. You are exactly describing how I awaken each morning, and I am very concerned for your well-being. Best wishes to you.

      Here’s some info you may find useful. The first link includes information on the differences between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.



  8. What’s the difference between between back and stomach pillows?
    Is there a difference between pillows designed for people who sleep on their back/side and pillows for people who sleep on their stomach??

    • An orthopedic pillow is a pillow designed to correct body positioning in bed or while lying in any other surface. Its design conforms to orthopedic guidelines to ensure the right placement and support of one or more specific parts of the body to provide safe and healthy rest to the sleeper.

      Pillows have been traditionally made of foam and fiber, but other types now exist, such as pillows made of memory foam, a heat sensitive material that can acquire the shape of the body lying upon it. It may or may not recover its original shape immediately when the body is removed from the pillow.

      Orthopedic pillows are regarded as therapeutic pillows based on claims that they can help relieve various conditions including sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, breathing difficulty, blood circulation problems, acid reflux, GERD, lower back pain, sciatica pain, neck pain, whiplash, rotator cuff injury, among others.

      There are many types of orthopedic pillows for almost every part of the human body, as well as orthopedic beds, mattresses, top mattresses, supports and cushions for different orthopedic problems. Some of them have multipurpose and multiposition designs for different physical ailments and sleep disorders.

      Memory foam pillows are a popular choice due to the flexibility and comfort they offer. These orthopedic pillows are specially designed to contour and align with your body shape. They prevent temporary paralysis and muscle strain by alleviating pressure on different parts of your body.
      Many, especially babies are in the habit of sleeping on their stomachs. This position can result in issues such as neck pain. Stomach sleepers in fact usually wake up with stiff neck and back pain and they need an extra support to ensure a comfortable sleep. Stomach pillows offer that enhanced relaxation and comfort.
      Soft pillows are ideal for stomach sleepers. A flat profile soft pillow ensures that you do not turn your head in an awkward angle during the night. By keeping your spine horizontally aligned to your head, you can be assured of a relaxed sleep.
      Pillow for stomach sleeper – Also known as belly pillows, stomach sleeping pillows come with air cells that are inflatable. They are helpful in maintaining a constant, uninterrupted blood flow with the help of advanced technology. Pressure can be adjusted in these pillows for maximum comfort.
      Back sleeping comes with its own problems such as snoring, back pain and sinus episodes. Back sleeping can be made an enjoyable and comfortable experience by using pillows that are soft but firm. Such pillows provide vital support for different parts of your body such as centre back, lower back and neck region. If you are a back sleeper, you can choose from a range of orthopedic pillows that come with a wedge. The wedge can be placed under your neck or knees for maximized comfort as they contour and mold to the shape of your body.
      It is important to choose pillows from a reputed manufacturer to ensure longevity and enhanced sleeping comfort.

      A Lumbar pillows are used for back support while in a sitting position.
      Lumbar pillows are designed to support the inward curve of the lower back, filling the space created between the lower back and the back of the chair when in a sitting position. These pillows are generally used to support the lower back while driving or sitting, such as in an office chair. Orthopedic pillows are similar to Memory foam pillows.

      The most common sleep positions people adopt in bed are:

      • Side sleeping
      The most common of the three. According to the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service two out of three people sleep on their sides. This position is considered the most suitable because it reduces the incidences of snoring, sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea, it helps release breathing airways and it is the most helpful position for pregnant women to reduce the pressure of their wombs. It is twice more common in women than in men.
      The inconvenience of this position is that most of the body’s pressure relies over arms and shoulders which produce neck stiffness and frozen shoulder. This can be solved with a side sleeper pillow that allows the correct placement of neck, arms and shoulders.

      • Back sleeping
      Unlike side sleeping, this position may favor episodes of snoring and sinus, as well as back pain. This position requires a soft but firm support for three critic curves of the body: Behind the neck, in the middle of the back and lower back. For this, an orthopedic pillow with neck contour and a wedge under knees can allow the back sleeper to lie with safety and comfort.

      • Stomach sleeping
      More common in babies and small children than in grown-ups, this sleep position is considered harmful for the neck (neck strain, neck pain and stiffness)…

  9. I am a little over 11 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Pregnancy Pillow advice?
    I’m already experiencing back pain and some hip pain while sleeping and I am looking into a pregnancy pillow. With my daughter I used the boppy full body pregnancy pillow and within 2 or 3 months of sleeping on it, it flattened out like a pan cake and did nothing for me. I don’t mind spending some money on a good pillow as long as it will last me the duration of the pregnancy! Any recommendations on a good pregnancy pillow because, ouch my aching back! Thanks!

    • i got a boomerang pillow from wal mart and a long body pillow, I pack them all around and under my tummy and i sleep like a baby …. no pun intended :p

  10. How can I help my back pain during pregnancy?
    My back pain is so bad. Especially my lower back and along my spin. I have a congested head and it is so hard to breathe! HELP!

    • Hi Kate…
      I would suggest a body pillow for sleeping…I used one from Babies R Us called the Snoogle (link below), It really helped me. I would also make sure that you are wearing proper footwear.
      I would also suggest wearing really supportive sneakers. Brand name running shoes were my choice…Asics are super comfortable and cushioned. If you work…ask your supervisor for permission to wear them if they are against your dress code. If they say no…ask your Obgyn for a note.
      On the body pillow…they are expensive but worth it. If you cannot budget it…use a thick pillow between your knees when sleeping. This will help align your spine better.
      Hope this helps…good luck and enjoy your pregnancy.

  11. Is there any way to alleviate the rib pain?
    I’m almost 26 weeks, and the pain in my ribs is terrible. I’ve read all of the tips about posture and this and that, and some things help, but mostly for when I’m up. The pain is the worst at night, when I lay on my side and all the weight feels like I am going to break my ribs!
    Any ideas? Thanks.

    • I needed to use extra pillows to support the weight of my belly during my first pregnancy, which is when I had really bad rib pain. Try doing that, and if it works you may want to invest in a body pillow.

  12. What can I do to get rid of this horrible pain in my shoulders?
    I think I may have slept the wrong way the other night because I woke up with a really stiff neck and pain in between my shoulder blades. It’s been two days and it still hurts to turn my head to the right. I am a dance competition to train for and it’s hard to dance when you can’t move your head without it hurting, so I’d be grateful for tips.

    I’m 17 and otherwise healthy.
    Thank you both!

    • Here are few things you can do so that you can still dance in your competition:
      1) Do some gentle neck stretches- bring your head forward, backward, to the side and turn. You may want to put a moist heating pack on your neck first before doing this. Here are some great diagrams + descriptions for these neck exercises: http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/page/993935

      2) Have someone do some trigger point therapy on your for your neck and upper back- try biofreeze, similar to an icy hot. This will help work on the muscle spasms and stiffness that you are suffering. Try to have them work in between the shoulder blades (the rhomboid muscle) + your upper trapezius.

      3) Ice your neck + upper back after your dance competition

      4) see a chiropractor- you are young and active. Dancing puts a lot of stress on your body and it can cause a lot of misalignments in your spine. Best to get your body checked out so that you can maintain good form and good health

      5) If you don’t have a good cervical support neck pillow, I suggest you get one- that way you won’t be waking up with a stiff neck. Get a pillow that will support your head and neck in the correct position. Check out Arc 4 Life’s Cervical Linear Traction neck Pillow. You can use it for back and side sleeping.

      Hope this helps-

      Good luck in your dance competition

  13. When does laying on your back begin to affect the baby?
    I cannot get comfy for the life of me. Left side, right side, both sides of my hips end up in so much pain I could cry – and that is WITH a body pillow. Not only that, by sleeping on my sides, my lower back starts to hurt as well. Not nearly as bad as my hips, but bad enough. The only comfortable position is on my back. :( I am 27 weeks pregnant.

  14. What is the best position to sleep in if I have lower back pain?
    It’s not specifically pain, I just have a recurring dull ache, and I don’t think that my sleeping position helps with it much. Is there one which is more partial to easing tension in my lower back?

    • I find that the best position for me is on my side (doesn’t matter which one), with a body pillow or regular pillow between my knees. The reasoning behind this is to help align your hips and help to prevent any more pressure being added to your lower back region.

  15. What did you do to stop yourself from laying on your back while pregnant?
    I sleep with a pillow behind me…but I find it to be a pain in the butt! I think I’m going to go out and get a proper pregnancy body pillow, but before I do I was wondering if anyone had other suggestions?

    • If I could get comfortable on my back, I slept on it. The idea that you could cut off blood flow is so, so very incredibly rare, it’s really not worth worrying over. And chances are you would notice by experiencing symptoms that something was wrong which would naturally cause you to change position long before there was any damage to your baby.

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